As a reliable and trustworthy partner and in order to preserve integrity of its activities, Banque Eni SA has a Compliance function which ensures conformity with all applicable laws, regulations and standards.

Banque Eni monitors compliance with legal and regulatory rules of conduct and integrity through:

  • internal policies and procedures which define risks and describe, for each of those, the processes management, the roles and responsibilities of the Management, the Compliance Function and the employees, assuring duties segregation when necessary;
  • the Compliance Model regarding corporate responsibilities.

The remuneration policy of Banque Eni, both the fix and variable part, is in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations; in particular with the dedicated articles under the Forth European Directive on «Capital Requirements» (CRD IV).

Banque Eni SA participates in the fight against money laundering and terrorism financing by taking all necessary measures to identify money laundering and terrorism financing. The measures taken by Banque Eni are, among others:

  • the client acceptance procedure;
  • the customer identification procedure (Know Your Customer);
  • the financial transactions monitoring;
  • the customer risk-rating;
  • the Compliance risk mapping;
  • regular trainings for employees;
  • FATCA-CRS Client Identification and Reporting;
  • Whistleblowing Procedure;
  • General Risk Management Charter.

Banque Eni:

  • verifies whether its clients and their operations are subjects to sanction measures or not and takes, if necessary, measures required by applicable laws and regulations (e.g. freezing of financial assets);
  • keeps its clients informed on a regular basis about sanction measures in force through specific communications;
  • asks to its clients supporting documentation related to transactions when required.